# List of Apps ShinyApp | Description ------------- | ------------- [Explore RNA-seq counts](fgcz_exploreCountQC_app/) | Perform clustering and MDS plots; identify effect sizes and potential outliers [Explore RNA-seq differential expression](fgcz_exploreDEG_app/) | Filter and visualize your differential expression result; inspect individual genes; identify functional categories associated with gene lists [pcaExplorer](fgcz_pcaExplorerWrapper/) | Visualization of RNA-seq data based on Pricipal Component analysis using pcaExplorer package [Heatmap](fgcz_heatmap_app/) | create an interactive gene expression heatmap based on a differential expression result generated by SUSHI [2-way-Venn](fgcz-2way_vennTool_app/) | compare two sets of differential expression results to create a VennDiagram [3-way-Venn](fgcz-3way_vennTool_app/) | compare three sets of differential expression results to create a VennDiagram [Correlation](fgcz_correlation_app/) | interactive scatterplot for two sets of differential expression results [Sequencing-Coverage-Calculator](fgcz_coverageCalculator_app/) | estimate coverage for Illumina Sequencing [Sample Sheet Check](fgcz_SampleSheetCheck_app/) | check Illumina Run set up for barcode issues # Implementation Details [Shiny](http://shiny.rstudio.com/) by R-Studio provides an interactive web interface for R-based data analysis. Currently we offer small collection of ShinyApps to run analyses and create customized plots on data produced by the FGCZ. ## Login * Our apps require a login with the B-Fabric username/password. Get an [B-Fabric account](http://fgcz-bfabric.uzh.ch/) first.